Get Up and Co's Business Services

  Co’s Three Day Training Package 

Equipping line managers with the core skills they need to manage a young workforce. The course will cover safeguarding in the workplace, adolescent development, building resilience, active participation, understanding youth based theory and how to effectively engage and communicate with young adults.

This course is proven to work and has had a great impact on the confidence of managers.  Learners will be able to bring real life examples to sessions where we can implement the tools and learning to address these.

  Consultancy + Co’s Three Day Training

Combine the basic training package with staff consultation. This service offers companies the opportunity to find out what line managers and apprentices think of the apprenticeship programme. Information gathered can be used to improve practice, celebrate what is working well and be used as examples in the basic training sessions.

Methods of consultation include, surveys, Q&A’s and holding Focus Groups. We have found this works well in building trust and identifying practical ways to continue progression.

 Co’s Three Day Training + Coaching

 Get Up and Co’s training and coaching package enables learners to connect with the material  covered in training and imbed this into practice.

The team will spend time with you in the workplace observing new skills in practice. Line managers will have the ability to ask questions in real time and start to fluidly utilise knowledge learnt and apply this in practical application.

 Combo Package 

The Combo Package is a combination of all three services: consultation, training and coaching. The team will work with you to develop a timeline that suits your business and staff, and each service will be used to enhance practice and influence the next stage.

If you are wanting to make significant changes to your apprenticeship business model, and are looking to secure long term investment in the apprentice sector, this would be the recommend this package.

 Bespoke Training

Get Up and Co offer bespoke training to businesses with specific requirements. Additional training support could also be identified through the Consultation or Coaching process.

Get Up and Co will work with you to identify and design training to target key areas. Training will be broken down into days and can be added onto Co’s three day training package.